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Board Game

"Create imaginary worlds"

“It is time to dream, fly and glide through the snow, the strange world of dreams and disasters”.


To undertake this journey to the top of the mountain, you have to demonstrate your skill. Recognizing the pieces from the real world on the sky. Then risk the journey uphill where surprises await you and creativity is your main tool.


Disastrology is a fun and innovative game, it mixes focused activities to stimulate the creativity of children of school age, the game also enables parents to share leisure time with their children in a fun and productive way.


Fear and joy, elements from surrealist fantasies were taken into account to develop the adventure of DISASTROLOGY (name that is purposely used by Stéphane to call his series of paintings, in the film "La Ciencia del Sueño" by director Michel Gondry).

Designed in partnership with Mauricio Tamayo Ibarra & Carolina Arango

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