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I was born in Medellin, the fashion city of Colombia; from my childhood, I began to relate the world of design and art as life style. My grandmother, a Spanish literature professor with

great passion for porcelain painting was the match that sparked my passion for art, literature and design, love for beauty and functionality.


In 2004, I began my studies in Industrial Design at the Pontificia Bolivariana University (UPB). Place where I found the magic that holds the Jewellery.

I fell in love with objects, big machinas and the challenges of doing impossible things.  

​​In 2011, I moved to Canada, but only until 2013,    

I returned to study Jewellery in a professional and less empirical approach.

Why Industrial Design & Jewellery?

Many people ask me why did I focus on the study of jewellery? ... Believe it or not, jewellery

is the development of industrial design on a smaller scale, it challenges the exploration of

new materials and technologies, It is highly linked to ergonomics, creates brand awareness,

it drives the design process to meet high customer expectations in terms of costs, aesthetics and reliability among other qualities. Jewellery also requires high logic for the execution of the development processes. These elements are a daily challenge for an industrial designer because I.D combines art, business and engineering until finally reaching a fragile balance that generates a new product, and undoubtedly connects people.​​

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I love expirimentation, breaking the rules of traditional techniques, without damaging its essence.  I love new technologies, but I feel a great connection with the design that develops slowly and with my hands.  The one who feels, looks, smells and sometimes tastes.  I believe that create a link between your essence and your creation.  There is a connection, which generates history

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