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“The strength of the inside”

Sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, cubic zirconia

Model Rhino- Render Maya Vray

Render by John Mauricio Lozano

Radiant flashes of lines are strengthened from within and feed on the majesty of the zircons that keep the power of the interior. Inspired by the radiance and repetition of geometry in nature, especially any of the flowers, Sunshine is the correct name for description of these two pieces of jewellery. Comfort, beauty and harmony come from the asymmetry of the existence of nature. Rays which are demonstrate strength and gentleness through blacks and whites all around them. 

Triangular shapes that demonstrate the strength of an independent, intelligent, creative, smart, gentle woman. A woman who has clears goals, wanting to grow and improve. Ascend the pyramid as her everything from interior to reflect it on the outside

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